Dallas, TX – The Mavericks have been on a roll since they traded away forward Kristaps Porzingis to the Washington Wizards.

The Mavs were demolished by the Wizards on Friday night from 135-103 but that was due to resting a few players.

That did not stop the overachieving squad from taking down the Milwaukee Bucks 118-112 last night.

As the Mavs get ready to close out the regular season, here are a few reasons to get excited about their playoff hopes.

Team Chemistry

Head Coach Jason Kidd discussed in his post game press conference about how the players have made the biggest difference in their success.

Head Coach Jason Kidd discussed in his post-game press conference the players have been the reason for the success.

Kidd said that the team trusts one another when they are on the floor.

He described the success as very calm and there is no panic in the locker room even when things are not looking as great.

That sense of trust and chemistry with the team may be the determining factor come playoff time.

Ball Movement

The biggest surprise has been how well the ball movement is during these games.

Doncic was the only player that could create his shot but now numerous individuals are scoring at will.

For instance, Dwight Powell has stepped up with his share of 20+ point games over the past week.

Doncic stated he feels comfortable in pick-and-roll situations as Powell has a great feel for them.

Kidd has done a tremendous job in implementing his expertise and strategies to put players in positions to succeed.

In conclusion, the Mavs will be a tough squad to face throughout the playoffs if they can keep it up.

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