Everyone sees the rumors surrounding Dallas Cowboys Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore. He’s a hot name among the inevitable yearly coaching carousel. It’s easy to see why.

Since he became the Cowboys OC in 2019, Dak Prescott’s improvement has been noticeable on the field. The offensive scheme went from run-heavy and predictable to much more complex. Dak has gone from “dink and Dak” to a $160 million QB.

Moore became OC in 2019 and it only took one year to see the improvement. Not just in Dak but the entire offense. The Cowboys went from 22nd total offense to 6th in one season under Moore.

2020 was a bad year overall. Injuries along the offensive line and Dak Prescott lead to a much different output than expected. In 2021, a healthy and reinvigorated Dak Prescott is giving the offense new life. Life the team sorely needs.

The offensive output was 58 pass plays to 18 run plays versus Tampa Bay, and 27 passes to 31 rushes. This shows the offensive output will truly be based on a week-to-week basis. In previous seasons, the team would overly “Feed Zeke” or force them to throw the ball.

It won’t be a popular decision, but changing offensive philosophies from each game to the next is the right call. Fans might would rather a consistent 50/50 output each game, but the schedule shows there are teams they can throw all over, as well as run down.

For perspective, these are the Dallas Cowboys next 6 games and their defensive rankings against the pass/run:

  • Philadelphia Eagles – 3rd/19th
  • Carolina Panthers – 1st/1st
  • New York Giants – 25th/22nd
  • New England Patriots – 6th/14th
  • Minnesota Vikings – 26th/21st
  • Denver Broncos – 5th/4th

These are only after 2 games, but if these continue the offense will have a lot to work against. The good news is Kellen Moore this season shows the ability to adapt his game plan.

Going just based on rankings, the Dallas Cowboys offense is ranked 4th overall; 7th in rushing and 6th in passing. Once more these are just through 2 games, but against 2 quality opponents. The proof’s in the pudding.

The hype around Moore and the offense has been well placed and should continue as the season goes. The only thing that could stop long-term success is if other teams get smart and bring him in to be their next head coach. Leaving the Dallas Cowboys without their own Sean McVay.