Dallas, TX– What a great and unbelievable performance by Jalen Brunson, who was the man last night.

Each shot has more and more authority each time the ball left his hands.

Brunson knew with Superstar Luka Doncic missing his second-straight game, his talents would be much needed.

With a dominating 42-point game, he was the biggest, most important piece of the puzzle to tying up the series 1-1.

After last night’s win, here are a few reasons why Dallas should remain hopeful.

Luka is coming back

Now that Dallas will at least get an extra home game, Doncic will most likely be back, depending on how he feels come Thursday and Saturday.

This Mavs squad proved they have the will and fight to win a game to keep hope alive until their leader is back.

Brunson’s ability to finish at the rim was impeccable and kept the Jazz on their heels.

When the Jazz responded, Brunson had an answer right back, which showed their heart.

For the night, Brunson held down the fort and will need performances, as such, if they are looking to pick up a win in Utah.

Doncic has seen all smiles as he watched his teammates battle all night long when he could not be on the floor to contribute.

Luka’s faith and support was a major factor in how the team responded as they were faced with adversity.

Luka will be making his big return to help his team achieve a feat that has not been done in a decade.

This is the real Brunson

In years past, Brunson could not carry or put the team on his back when Doncic was not in action.

All in all, Brunson has proven all season long he is deserving of a big payday.

So what if he is in a contract year, regardless he still showed up and played at a high level

In last year’s playoff series, Brunson had poor showings and did not show the willingness to lead.

We saw an animal being unleashed and had the Jazz squad in shambles for four straight quarters.

This was a career-setting night for Brunson as he showed this AAC crowd what he is all about.

There will not be any concerns about him leaving Dallas if he keeps at his current pace.

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