Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Mike McCarthy was put in an awkward spot on Friday by Rich Eisen on Tuesday afternoon. Few in the media can make that kind of point-blank questions and Eisen has surely earned that right. McCarthy was interviewed by Eisen via a phone call, and maybe that made it easier for Eisen to shoot “the big one.”

Eisen brought up the comments made by Jerry Jones after the Cowboys managed to keep Dan Quinn around despite interest from other teams. Jones had said that Quinn, like Sean Payton and Jason Garrett before him, said that they had stayed because they would love to be the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

“Mike knows that someday, somebody, other than him will be coach of the Cowboys,” Jerry Jones replied late in January.

As you probably know by now, that caused plenty of controversy and speculation around Cowboys Nation. And to be honest, why wouldn’t it? That’s a strong statement that should raise an eyebrow considering the context surrounding McCarthy’s job security.

After reading Jerry’s quotes, Eisen posed the question calmly. “What do you think about that supposition, coach Mike McCarthy?”

Oh, boy! Talk about an interesting answer. McCarthy started off by pointing out that being the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys is different. “I’ve always frankly just kept it about winning,” said McCarthy, “I’ve always kind of taken a blind eye or blind ear to those things.”

McCarthy made it a note to be clear about his relationship with Quinn and how him staying with the team was very important to the organization. He mentioned how Quinn has been happy this season, which is something the Cowboys defensive coordinator has brought up himself. Before embarking on an “interview tour” around the NFL, he claimed that he had a blast coaching the defense.

According to McCarthy, Quinn actually approached the Cowboys’ HC amid the narrative forming after Jerry Jones’ comments.

“If you really feel like I got to take one of these jobs, just be honest with me.”

McCarthy laughed it off, saying that 10 or 12 years ago, maybe he would’ve asked Quinn to leave. And while the Cowboys head coach appears unfazed by the owner’s quotes, it’s difficult to overlook one big thing.

All of this is completely unnecessary!

Jones could’ve simply… you know… not said that Quinn stayed because maybe he wanted to be a head coach of the Dallas Cowboys down the road. Jerry is allowed to think that, sure. It’s his team, after all. But why bring it up publicly like that?

I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m done with the whole QB draw conversation. Although that final sequence against the 49ers was painful to watch, I hate that it’s still a conversation, even though it wasn’t the main reason Dallas lost. But I would much rather hear McCarthy discuss that rather than what the owner’s comments mean for him.

McCarthy feels the same way.

“I’m about winning. […] Are these narratives unusual? Absolutely. I’ve never dealt with anything like this. Do I wish I didn’t have to come on here and answer questions about it? Yeah, no doubt about it.”

In the offseason, coaches talk about all kinds of stuff. What went wrong. What could’ve been different. What’s next for the team. How they can get to the next level. But only the Cowboys’ head coach would be out here talking about his owner talking up a coordinator as a candidate to take over his leadership role.

And make no mistake about it. The reason why it’s going on is because Jones brought it up. It’s not on McCarthy. It’s on the guy who made this a conversation in the first place.

I don’t doubt Jones wants to win the Super Bowl again. When he gets emotional while talking about it, I believe it’s sincere emotion coming out of him. But that emotion can – and does – get in the way.

But hey, this is the Dallas Cowboys way. The circus doesn’t stop. Right or wrong. Love it or hate it. If McCarthy is going to win here, it will have to be around this kind of circus stunts that come with the view in Dallas.

Last year, he managed to get 12 regular season wins and the division. The McCarthy Cowboys can get it done in the regular season. The question is: can they translate that into the postseason? In 2022, the Cowboys’ head coach will get another shot.

And if he doesn’t deliver… well, at least Jones claims there’s already candidate(s) to take over.

Featured image via Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports