With 11 games left in the Dallas Cowboys 2021 season, things are going better than expected so far.

The team is 5-1, has multiple players on award watchlists, and has the making of a Super Bowl contender. It’s all smiles in the DFW and all of Cowboys Nation.

It’s easy to look ahead and start picking games they can win and lose. Scope matters in all of this, as teams in the 1st 6 games, might not be the same at the end of the season.

Teams change, obstacles can affect the team, players are traded, etc. If the rest of the season plays out as it looks right now, the Cowboys are in great position to make a playoff run.

There’s no easy teams in the NFL, but there are plenty of favorable games left on the schedule. Dissecting each game to it’s bare overview, you can either get more excited, or your skepticism hasn’t changed. Yet.

Below are the final games on the Dallas Cowboys schedule and who they’re really playing.

@ Minnesota Vikings

A familiar foe in Kirk Cousins and the Vikings. This will be the 3rd consecutive year these team’s face off and both times have resulted in 1-score contests.

There’s no reason this should change as both are among the most complete teams in the NFL. However, it should be reminded that the Cowboys won this last year without Dak Prescott. Expect some of this:


Denver Broncos

The Broncos are another in a long line of teams who’ve started 3-0 and have since fallen off. Whether it’s Teddy Bridgewater or Drew Lock out there, it hasn’t mattered.

Outside of the quarterback position, this Broncos team is loaded with talent on both sides, but unless they can land someone else in a trade, their team is being wasted.

Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons are 3-1 since getting blown out in their 2 opening games. Matt Ryan has helped this offense get some much needed wins despite a suspect defense. This is familiar territory for a number of current Dallas Cowboys.

Defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, plus players Damontae Kazee and Keanu Neal all face off against their former team. The Falcons have plenty of firepower in Calvin Ridley and rookie Kyle Pitts, but also have the 3rd worst scoring defense.

Some things never change.

@ Kansas City Chiefs

This is the best quarterback the Dallas Cowboys will face all year. It’s also the worst defense they’ll face all year as well.

Without a doubt, the biggest surprise this season so far has been the Chiefs falling off. They have gotten their wins against teams their supposed to beat, but have been abused by teams with winning records.

Patrick Mahomes is and always will be a threat, there’s no doubt. However, as the season has gone along, this game which has been circled, has become less threatening.

It may be in Arrowhead Stadium, but if Kansas City can’t solve their defensive woes, this Cowboys offense will eat. Just in time for Thanksgiving.

Las Vegas Raiders (Thanksgiving)

To the Raiders credit, they’re 2-0 under interim head coach Rich Bisaccia after the Jon Gruden saga. In fact if the season ended today, they’d be the AFC West champions and the 2nd seed in the playoffs.

Both teams will be playing on short weeks in what will feature a pair of quarterbacks firmly in the MVP discussion. Derek Carr has had a nice season and Dak Prescott has reached even odds with Kyler Murray to win the award.

This game is going to be decided by which team can get to the quarterback the most. Something both teams have shown the ability to do.

@ New Orleans Saints

Jameis Winston is having a Keanu Reeves-type comeback. He’s taking care of the ball, not turning it over at will. Despite not as many fireworks, the offense is efficient and the defense has been near-elite.

The Cowboys-Saints game has grown into sort of a rivalry over the years, though not to the degree these team’s have within their own divisions. Their games are always close and once again, we get to experience it in prime time.

@ Washington Football Team

The Washington Football Team were the preseason favorite to win the division, despite question marks at the quarterback position. After Ryan Fitzpatrick went down in game one, Taylor Heinicke came in and has played admirably and has had moments that open your eyes.

Unfortunately (for them), Heinicke hasn’t been a consistent passer, Antonio Gibson has become an afterthought in this offense and the defense that was supposed to take them to the Super Bowl has been Super Disappointing.

@ New York Giants

Maybe health won’t hurt the Giants on this next go around. The issue? The clock is ticking for a lot of people in the Giants organization. The general manager, head coach and quarterback could all be pink-slipped after this season if things don’t change.

In the first matchup, the Dallas Cowboys controlled both sides of the ball to win. With the exception of a couple of turnovers and allowing deep passes, it’s been their most complete victory. So far.

Hopefully, the Giants don’t resort to throwing punches of trying to intentionally injure players in game 2.

Washington Football Team

See above.

Arizona Cardinals

What looks like a preview of what could be the NFC Championship game. It’s also the game that could decide a number of things:

  • Who gets the number 1 seed in the NFC playoffs.
  • Who wins the MVP between Dak Prescott and Kyler Murray.
  • Which wins Coach of the Year between Mike McCarthy and Kliff Kingsburry.
  • Assuming they’re still undefeated, if Arizona can continue their perfect season.

This game is still weeks away but looking ahead, it could be the game we all look back in reflection of 2021.

@ Philadelphia Eagles

The Dallas Cowboys took care of business against the Eagles already. However, this game could be different depending on playoff positions.

If the Cowboys have already secured a playoff spot and can’t advance their seed, this could be a game where the team plays an influx of 2nd and 3rd string players.

Interesting note, since Dak Prescott has become the franchise quarterback, the team hasn’t played a meaningful regular season finale once.