The Dallas Cowboys are going to be facing this question for at least a year: What do we do with Tyron Smith? Do we trade him or release him?

In any case of moving on from Smith, the Cowboys will save the most cap space in 2023 as a designated post-June 1st move. This is the same whether he is traded or released.

Good business would indicate that trading him and reacquiring assets is the unquestioned smartest move. However, the Cowboys front office is no stranger to making questionable business decisions. Especially since his base salary this season is $13.5 million, but is no longer due any guaranteed money.

What would it cost to gain the All-Pro? Which teams would bite the bullet? If players like Trent Williams, Orlando Brown and Duane Brown can all get multiple picks for their services, there will be some team willing to ante up.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The AFC North is influx. Outside of the Cincinnati Bengals, there’s questions around which team’s will be factors. Cleveland will have legal issues, and Baltimore will need players who can catch. It can be an ideal time for Pittsburgh to strike while the iron’s hot.

This idea was brought up first by Bleacher Report. Believing the Smith’s durability and the drafting of Tyler Smith will make this move easier.

By drafting Tyler Smith, the No. 24 pick this year, Dallas has its heir-apparent at left tackle in place. The Tulsa product is almost certainly in line to take starting snaps during the 2022 campaign because of Tyron Smith’s durability issues. The Cowboys could speed up the transition by moving on from the incumbent starter before training camp even begins.

Being able to play for one of the most respected head coaches in football in Mike Tomlin might be enticing for Smith. Especially with a young QB in Kenny Pickett to protect and help keep upright for development. Playing for another storied football franchise, even if it’s only for a short while, might be enough for everyone to agree.

Chicago Bears

Chicago has the third most salary cap room, so obtaining his contract was never going to be a factor. The factor is their near-reckless regard for obtaining offensive lineman to protect their young QB, Justin Fields.

There’s still questions regarding their second-round pick from 2021, Teven Jenkins and where and if he’ll play. Adding Smith to the Bears offensive line allows breathing room to find his best role, and keep Fields upright.

Chicago also might not be as competitive in 2022 as their fans hope. Meaning whatever draft compensation they would give out, works in the Dallas Cowboys favor.

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are in win-now mode and have the talent to compete in the AFC South and potentially make a run. They’ve got players like Matt Ryan on their last legs, with All-Pro’s Quenton Nelson, DeForest Buckner, Johnathan Taylor and Darius Leonard. This is  a team who could use Smith’s services.

At the moment, veteran Matt Pryer is getting the starting snaps at left tackle. Signed to a team-friendly one-year $5.5 million deal. This doesn’t mean the addition of Smith would be shooed away.

As the Colts maintain one of the better collections of offensive linemen talent, adding Smith to keep Ryan upright is an immediate upgrade, while still having quality depth in the inevitable event he misses 2-4 games this season.

New England Patriots

The Dallas Cowboys likely won’t get better compensation than from Bill Belichick. A coach who’s not afraid to shell out picks in exchange for valuable players.

Rookie QB Mac Jones had a positive rookie season, thanks in large part to the elite offensive line. A line that consists of players like Mike Onwenu, David Andrews and rookie first-rounder Cole Strange.

Isaiah Wynn is slated to be the starting left tackle and protect Jones’ blindside. A bit of a gamble considering his lengthy injury history, which isn’t too far off of Smith’s. Wynn also has experience at guard, meaning he could be shuffled along the line if he’s unable to fully grasp the position.

Having Tyron Smith at left tackle carries the same injury concerns as Wynn, but as a clear upgrade. If any coach is willing to get rid of picks, obtain veterans and turn them into their best selves, it has been proven time and time again it’s Billl.

Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports