The Dallas Cowboys need to figure out ways to become more explosive on offense. That is especially true while Dak Prescott is sidelined for the next few weeks.

Dallas has scored 23 points through two games. Outside of one big play against the Bengals, the offense has looked anything but electric. Fortunately, there is an obvious solution to that problem: Tony Pollard.

Tony Pollard needs to see the field more. The Cowboys need to get the ball into Pollard’s hands more. Be it by running the ball or throwing it to him, Pollard needs designed touches in this offense at a consistent rate.

Pollard touched the ball 13 times in the week two win: nine rushes and four catches. He totaled 98 yards and averaged more than seven yards per touch while reaching the end zone.

Yet, that’s just not enough. And the Dallas Cowboys need to do something about it.

Pollard needs more snaps

Tony Pollard played just 39% of offensive snaps against the Bengals. That’s despite the 47-yard explosive play that set up the Cowboys on the goal line. Pollard would go onto score on the next play.

For comparisons sake, Ezekiel Elliott was on the field for 67% of offensive snaps on Sunday. Elliott was much less effective than Pollard as a rusher and a receiver. Yet, Kellen Moore continued to go to the veteran ball carrier.

While Elliott still has value, he should not be keeping Pollard off the field at this point. Pollard is the much more dynamic threat and has the ability to break a play open at any point in a way that Zeke just can’t anymore.

Pollard was better and more efficient than Elliott in several different categories during the 2021 NFL season. Among those include yards-after-contact per attempt, expected points added per attempt, and even yards per route run.

It is clear that the Dallas Cowboys are better offensively when Tony Pollard is on the field more than Ezekiel Elliott. His ability to be effective running the football and the added element of being a dangerous receiver stands out when he is involved in the game plan.

This isn’t to say that Ezekiel Elliott should be removed from the offense. However, it is to say that it is time for the Cowboys to make Tony Pollard their primary running back moving forward.

Get Tony Pollard on the field more, Cowboys.

Featured image via Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports