The Dallas Cowboys lost more than just their first game of the season on Thursday. They lost one of their best offensive players in Michael Gallup as well. The wide receiver has a strained calf and will be out for an extended period.

In his place, the Cowboys WR4 Cedrick Wilson will step in for Gallup’s absence. This means that CeeDee Lamb will move from his slot to the outside, opposite of Amari Cooper. Wilson will fill in the slot.

What the Dallas Cowboys will miss from Gallup is his deep threat ability and physicality in 1-on-1. He’s easily the team’s best combination of power and speed at the receiver position.

Wilson doesn’t have the same attributes that Gallup brings but shows to have a good repour with Dak Prescott. They’re in sync, despite not much as much on-field exposure together. He’s completes 71.4% of his passes to Wilson, with a pair of touchdowns to go with it during their time together with the Cowboys.

Wilson and Michael Gallup are both scheduled to be unrestricted free agent in 2022, having been drafted the same year. Not only has this been a year for Gallup to secure his money, but this is now Wilson’s chance to earn his money as well.

At the moment, both players have estimated contract values that could change as the season goes along. Gallup is estimated to earn around $12.5 million per year, while Wilson is only estimated around $3 million a year, just slightly above what he’ll make this season.

This doesn’t appear to affect offensive coordinator Kellen Moore who has gives Wilson his confidence.

Wilson is a good route runner and has good hands. He played as the fill-in receiver on the inside and outside during the preseason. Lining up at the X, Y and Z receiver spots, proving his versatility and value to this Dallas Cowboys offensive scheme.

It was only a matter of time before he got more playing time with the offense. He was active for the first five games of the 2020 season before Dak got hurt. Once the quarterback went down, so did Wilson’s exposure on offense.

This Cowboys offense won’t be as flashy without Gallup, but it won’t miss a beat with Wilson filling in the role.

There’s been speculation and opinions all offseason regarding Michael Gallup. What could he bring in a trade? How much will he make in 2022?

People are about to get their wish with this 3-5 game glimpse of life without Gallup. Now with Cedrick Wilson as the new WR3 for the time being, the Cowboys’ offense will be fine despite the missing presence.