What a wild finish to a thrilling and exciting game!

The Dallas Mavericks were in control from the start, but the Boston Celtics did not go down without a fight.

In the end, it was Luka Doncic who once again hit the game-winning shot much as he did to the Celtics last season.

While the finish is still fresh on most fans’ minds, let’s take a look at three observations that led to the Mavericks win.

First Half Fast Tempo offense

This was probably the best start to a game the Mavericks had through these first nine games.

By the end of the first quarter, the Mavericks were up 29-15 as they moved the ball so effectively.

Luka and Dorian Finney-Smith started as the lead scorers which gave the team an early boost.

By the end of the first half, the Mavericks led by as much as 17 to take a 57-40 halftime lead.

Had the Mavericks not had that amazing first half, they would have lost the game as the Celtics started to put some offense together in the 2nd half.

If Jason Kidd can have his squad start games with high energy and tempo, he will make the necessary adjustments to close out games.

Kristaps Porzingis returns to give the offense a boost

Kristaps Porzingis looked like the player the Mavericks thought they would be getting a night in and out when trading for him back in 2019.

He was physical, aggressive, and looked excited to be out on the floor playing with his teammates.

Porzingis sat out the last five games due to lower back tightness, but it did not look as if he was ever nursing any pain.


We all know if Porzingis can remain healthy for a good period and performs like he did tonight, the Mavericks’ offense looks more explosive.

Hopefully, he can put the injury bug behind him and be able to be the player the Mavs front office always knew he could be.

Luka Doncic has the “IT’ factor

Doncic does it for the second straight year against the Celtics as he hit the game-winning shot to lift the Mavs to 6-3 on the season.

This was a needed win as the Mavericks struggled in their last home loss against the Miami Heat.

Jason Kidd spoke in his press conference about Luka’s playmaking ability and how he keeps on delivering.

“I played with a player like that before here, everybody knew the ball was going to 41 and he delivered. I think everyone knew the ball was going to 77… and he delivered.” – Jason Kidd

Kidd knows that Luka is the star player that garners a lot of opposing teams’ attention.

Everyone knows in a must-needed score situation, Doncic will have the ball in his hands and take over much as Dirk Nowitzki had done for most of his career.

Scoring 33 points is normal for Luka, but it is his clutch ability that makes him so special.



Image by Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports