Whew, what a game and way to finish off their four-game road stretch.

It was tough for Dallas as they went 1-3 (Luka Doncic missed the first two games) during the stretch.

The Mavericks were leaving LA without a victory after such a great start to the season.

They are now 10-7, which is good for 4th place in the Western Conference but could have stayed in third place with at least a win or two in Phoenix.

Here are a few reasons as to how Dallas was able to avoid their fourth straight loss.

The team accepts a challenge

What this win tonight showed the world is that the Mavs can handle adversity.

After an 0-3 start to their road stretch, Jason Kidd could have sat out Luka and played this game just to get through the night.

Instead, Kidd allowed Doncic to suit up and it paid off as this could be a confidence builder as they head back to Dallas this weekend.

Having four straight road matchups would be tough for a lot of teams, but Dallas found a way to leave LA with a win.

This team is not perfect by any means, but they showed some heart battling each game.

All odds were against them but they can now come back home with a chance to breathe and stack together some wins.

The Euro Duo took over

This was a must-win, not only for the western conference standings but for the team’s confidence.

It was not pretty but they found ways to overcome adversity as they will head back to Dallas on Saturday.

Porzingis has been on a tear and looks like an All-star with his 20+ points performance the past few weeks.

Doncic was dealing with ankle and knee injuries but that did not stop him from a near triple-double night.

If the duo can continue their play on the court, the rest of the team will only improve as the season unfolds.

What’s next?

Dallas will have back-to-back home games against the Washington Wizards (Nov.27th) and Cleveland Cavaliers (Nov. 29th).

This will give the Mavericks a chance at a three-game win streak and move up in the West standings.

Hopefully, this overtime win can give this team a boost of confidence and motivation to finish out the weekend.