Dak Prescott has the Dallas Cowboys 1st in the NFC East, and 3rd in the NFC Playoff Standings. To this point, he is not only on a return tour, but the best of his career as well.

In 8 games, he has thrown for 2,341 yards 20 touchdowns and 5 interceptions, while completing 70.3% of his passes. For perspective, that’s 9th in yards, 4th in touchdowns and 2nd in completion percentage (qualified), despite missing a game.

Prescott is playing so impressive that he’s mentioned weekly in the MVP race. It’s almost a forgone conclusion that he will win Comeback Player of the Year, but could he double down?

There are a number of different sites who have Dak in their ever-changing MVP rankings:

Essentially, it’s pretty consistent across the board where he currently stands in this pursuit. He’s also consistently named among the same 3-4 players in the odds: Tom Brady, Josh Allen, Kyler Murray and Matthew Stafford.

Like Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys, these teams are sitting atop their divisions. They’re  playing great football, and are making as close and wide-open of a race as ever.

Recently, each has had a hiccup (or 2) that has shifted the odds around:

  • Tom Brady has lost his last 2, throwing 6 touchdowns and 4 interceptions in his effort.
  • Kyler Murray has missed the Cardinals last 2 games, where they’ve gone 1-1 without him, and his most recent start was the team’s lone loss as well as his worst game of the season.
  • Matthew Stafford is also on a 2-game slide, throwing more interceptions (4) than touchdowns (2) in that time.
  • Josh Allen, the favorite among many sites, has completed less than 60% of hiss passes in 3 games so far, and is 1-2 against teams above .500 on the season. 6 of his next 8 games are against teams .500 or better and will be his biggest factor.

Dak has had only 1 statistically bad game so far, and that was against the Denver Broncos. The Dallas Cowboys still have 8 games on their schedule, with a grueling 3 games in 11 days coming up. These will be not only factor in on who the Cowboys are going into the postseason, but on Dak’s MVP odds.

These odds are subjective, and change from week to week, but it’s a good sign that Dak is still mentioned among the top. The Dallas Cowboys have been one of the more resilient team’s in the league, and others haven’t faired as well.

If the team continues to play and win as they have all season, expect Prescott to be one of the finalists. Keep an eye on the other quarterbacks mentioned as well. The remaining strength of schedule is kinder to some teams than others, and that will shift the odds too.

Make no mistake. Dak Prescott is going to win some hardware this year, but could also take home more than expected.