The Dallas Mavericks currently are 0-3 against teams with a winning record through the first ten games.

Against average teams, they look like a playoff squad but tonight proved they are not a top team.

While they had three scorers with 20+ plus points, they do not have quality role players to stay in games.

Who is to blame for these pedestrian performances? What will it take for the team to overcome these losses?

Here are the candidates who have contributed to the team struggles.

Mark Cuban

When problems arise, the first person who will get a share of the blame will be the owner.

Mark Cuban will be questioned on why the team continues to struggle against quality teams.

All of their losses have been in double-digits which shows that they do not match up well.

This is due to the lack of talent in the draft and free agency Cuban and the front office have not brought in to help the team.

Since their 2011 Champions run, the team has not been past the first round of the playoffs.

If Cuban and staff want to break that trend, they will need to bring in better talent to compete at the highest levels.

Jason Kidd

Even though this is only his first season in Dallas, Jason Kidd will take a bit of heat due to his inexperience.

So far through 10 games, he has coached well against average teams but has been outplayed against the good teams and their coaching staff.

Kidd eventually will learn but he will need to know when to put the best players on the court.

Fans will not want to hear it but he can only work with the talent that he has been given to coach up.

Hopefully, with Nico Harrison as the new General Manager, he can bring in better talent for years to come.

What can be done?

It is still early in the season so the Mavericks can make a trade or sign a few free agents.

It may not be much in free agency who can be a difference-maker, plus do not want to trade away draft picks.

If the Mavericks do not see anyone worth bringing in, they will continue to roll with their current players.

That will mean they have faith in Kidd and his coaching abilities.

The Mavericks can improve but they will need to have better practices and get more from their supporting cast.


Image by Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports