The Dallas Cowboys need to strike while the iron is hot and trade Michael Gallup. Gallup is an electric wide out. He is a big play threat on every snap. On Sunday, he lit up the stat sheet hauling in six passes for 121 yards and two touchdowns in the first half alone. The Cowboys need to approach the offseason with Gallup in mind as a potential trade piece.

Gallup is a Pro Bowl level wide receiver and seeing #13 in another uniform would be a gut punch for Cowboy fans. However, Dallas needs to look at Gallup like a stock they have invested in. Dallas acquired the third year wide out with a third-round pick in 2018. Since then, Gallup’s value has skyrocketed. Last season, Gallup tallied 1,107 yards, and this year he has put up some respectable numbers with four different starting quarterbacks.

With only one year left on his rookie deal, Dallas is in no position to call in a Brinks truck for another wide receiver. Amari Cooper is already making $100 million from his extension last year, and with rookie sensation CeeDee Lamb approaching 1,000 yards this season, Dallas is loaded with quality pass catchers. With guys like Cedrick Wilson and Noah Brown, who have shown promise, Dallas is in a great position to make a blockbuster move to improve the roster as a whole and still maintaining a strong receiving corps. Packaging Gallup and a draft pick opens up endless opportunities for Jerry and Steven Jones to get the Cowboys in Super Bowl conversations.

The Dallas Cowboys bought Gallup low, now it’s time to cash out and sell high. There is a plethora of teams that would trade for a proven 24-year-old receiver.

Teams That Could Be Open For Trade

Green Bay Packers: Packers GM Brian Gutekunst and head coach Matt Lafleur sparked controversy with their decision to draft a quarterback in the first round in last years draft. With Aaron Rodgers extending his contract, Packer fans were scratching their heads at the idea of drafting a QB with Rodgers still playing at a MVP caliber level. This is their chance to show Packer fans, and their Hall of Fame quarterback that they are ready to milk every ounce of football Rodgers has left. There were rumors during the trade deadline that the Packers were looking to trade for Texans receiver Will Fuller, but teams could not agree on value for a short term receiver. However, at 37 Rodgers and Green Bay are clearly on the clock. If they can’t make it to the big dance this season, the Packers might have a change of heart. A quarterback like Rodgers can’t have too many weapons. Gallup is likely to thrive in an offense where opponents focus on Devante Adams.

Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens need to find Lamar Jackson more weapons on the outside. This season, Marquise “Hollywood” Brown is the only target showing production at the receiver spot. The Ravens took the league by storm last year rolling out two tight end packages and running the ball at will. Now that teams had a chance to evaluate the Baltimore offense, the running game has slowed down. Adding Michael Gallup would give last year’s MVP a better chance to showcase what he can do through the air.

The New England Patriots: For the first time in over decade the Patriots will be watching the playoffs from home. Without Tom Brady, Bill Belicheck’s squad has been dormant in the passing game. In years past, the Patriots found production from no name receivers. Without the six-time Super Bowl champ the Patriots are ranked 29th in total offense. Jakobi Meyers is leading his team in receiving at 661 yards. If the Pats want to get back to their winning ways, Gallup has the talent to elevate their offense to playoff caliber.

Las Vegas Raiders: If there is one thing we know about the Raiders; they love to acquire Dallas Cowboys. Last offseason the Raiders signed/traded for: Jason Witton, Maliek Collins, Jeff Heath, Daniel Ross, and former Dallas Defensive Coordinator Ron Marinelli. While most of those pieces are on the defensive side of the ball, Gallup fits well on this team. Darren Waller has emerged as one of the best tight ends in football, with Nelson Aghalor’s contract expiring this year, the Raiders need to fill in a whole on the outside. A Michael Gallup/ Henry Ruggs duo could spark the Raiders offense to a new level.

Clear eyed appreciation of Michael Gallup’s talent and Dallas’  personnel needs on the offensive line and the defensive side of the ball, suggests a Gallup trade would give the Cowboys an opportunity to restock their roster.


Featured Image Via: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports