Dak Prescott remains in rehab wondering what the future holds in his relationship with the Dallas Cowboys. Cowboys fans have questioned Jerry Jones’ actions for decades, but the latest question revolves around Dak Prescott and a contract extension. All signs point to Dak’s return to Dallas. The 27-year-old has steadily improved over every season, and now his future remains in question. Before Prescott’s injury, Dak was on another planet, averaging 371 yards per contest through 4.5 games.

Due to Covid-19, the Dallas Cowboys are in a tough spot this offseason. The NFL’s total revenue will cause the salary cap to drop dramatically, from $198 million to around $176 million in 2021. With the salary caps’ constant growth over the last two decades, one position has received the most financial benefits – quarterback.

As it sits, seven out of the ten highest paid NFL players are quarterbacks. With rumors of a Josh Allen contract extension, Dak’s price tag is trending up. Each day that goes by, Jerry will have to dig deeper into his pockets to afford Dak.

Even with the salary cap dip, Dak will still be looking at somewhere around a $40 million per year contract. If the salary cap dives to $176 million, Dak will soaked up around 15% in total cap space with the adjusted cap.

Dallas caught lightning in a bottle with Prescott, as a fourth round rookie quarterback, Dak lead his team to a 13-3 record and rookie of the year honors. It was apparent from the second Prescott touched turf; he would be the face of the Cowboys for years to come.

Dak has continued to shine since his burst onto the NFL scene earning two pro-bowl spots, and yet Jerry Jones refused to pull the trigger on an extension two years ago.

Prescott extension rumors sprung after his second pro-bowl selection in 2018. At that time, the highest paid NFL quarterback was Aaron Rodgers at $33 million per year, which obviously makes sense. Although, Krik Cousins and Jimmy Garoppolo raised eyebrows when they signed for almost $30 million. At the time, Cowboys fans thought that price was too steep of an investment for a young quarterback, but looking back, $30 million over five years is a bargain compared to what Dallas will have to do to keep Dak in Dallas now.

With a quarterback soaking up that much cap space, it will be more challenging to build a team around Dak. Prescott can’t win a Super Bowl without rebuilding their defense and restructuring the offensive line. It will be a demanding challenge for the front office to do that with limited funds.

Featured Image Via: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports