Mississippi State Bulldogs head coach Mike Leach is well-known for his love of pirates.

Leach’s love of pirates originated from his desire to learn something new each offseason.

One offseason, early during his coaching career, Leach studied pirates and discovered various similarities between a pirate ship and a football team.

From the NY Times:

One year, he studied pirates. When he learned that a pirate ship was a functional democracy; that pirates disciplined themselves; that, loathed by others, they nevertheless found ways to work together, the pirate ship became a metaphor for his football team. Last year, after a loss to Texas A.&M. in overtime, Leach hauled the team into the conference room on Sunday morning and delivered a three-hour lecture on the history of pirates. 

Leach’s love of pirates has followed him throughout his career since the NY Times article in 2005.

The Mississippi State head coach, however, isn’t the only SEC head coach intrigued by pirates.

Florida Gators head coach Dan Mullen, a huge Jimmy Buffett fan and self-professed “Parrot Head”, is also a fan of pirates.

“I’m a big Parrot Head, I love it,” said Mullen on Wednesday during his appearance on the SEC coaches teleconference. “I get out of my coaching profile a little bit. I think people might not recognize me the last time. I had my grass skirt on for the last one.”

“I’m a pirate born 200 years too late,” added Mullen.

“A pirate born 200 years too late” is of course a reference to Buffett’s song “A Pirate Looks at 40”.

I would’ve never guessed Mullen as a pirate guy. It makes me wonder what other SEC coaches could big fans of pirates.

My money is on Lane Kiffin. He definitely seemed to enjoy the beach life during his time at Florida Atlantic.

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