KANSAS CITY – Outside of Andy Reid, the Chiefs have never really had the best luck with their head coaches.

Before Reid’s arrival, Kansas City had been stuck with sub-par coach after sub-par coach. It’s fair to say the Chiefs had a coaching problem.

Since 1999, the Chiefs have had five different head coaches other than Reid. Gunther Cunningham, Dick Vermeil, Herm Edwards, Todd Haley, and Romeo Crennel being the five. None of them very successful. Example No. 1: Those coaches combined for a 98-126 record with the Chiefs.

While Andy Reid’s record in the nine seasons he has been in Kansas City is 103-42.

Reid has certainly earned the respect of Chiefs fans, especially with the Super Bowl win. However, he has also earned the respect of others, as his name is being mentioned by Pro Football Focus in a list of best current coaches.

Chiefs’ Reid in “Hall of Fame” tier of coaches

Pro Football Focus came out with an article that ranked all the current coaches. However, they did something a bit different. PFF ranked the coaches by tiers, in which they used a formula that ranked each coach’s offense and defense over the years.

Andy Reid was ranked third, but the significance of his ranking is the fact PFF placed him in their “Hall of Fame’ tier of head coaches.

Above Reid is, maybe one of the greatest coaches of all-time, Bill Belichick, which is right in every avenue. According to PFF, Belichick has an offensive rank of 1/26 (26 is the number of non-new head coaches this year), and a defensive rank of 1/26. With six Super Bowl rings, it is hard to argue against Belichick, at all.

However, the one that can be debated is who comes in at No. 2.

John Harbaugh, the Baltimore Ravens head coach, is ahead of Andy Reid at No. 2 in the NFL. Some people may agree with this ranking, and some will not. My guess is, that Chiefs fans will not think this is right.

Harbaugh has an offensive rank, according to Pro Football Focus, of 2/26, which is questionable. His defensive rank is 4/26, which is not as questionable.

Andy Reid’s offensive rank in this article comes in at 4/26. His defensive rank is at 17/26, which is fair when considering the history of his defenses.

The thing that isn’t necessarily right with this, is Andy Reid should be a top-two ranked offense, especially when you look at the way the Chiefs have performed in that category over the last five or so years.

In a way this is a shot at Andy Reid. However, it is also showing respect to the coach that Andy Reid is. He is an offensive genius, and everyone knows that. The Chiefs are lucky to have Big Red.

You can check out PFF’s full column, here.

Featured Image Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports