The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Arizona Cardinals in week two of preseason play, as we all know by now. We know what happened on offense and how the backups, including the second and third-string quarterbacks, played great.

However, the defense did their thing as well. Some familiar faces on the starting group and some guys who don’t get a ton of run helped this team a lot.

When playing these preseason games, that is just what you want, your backups getting time to show their skills and development thus far. The Chiefs have done a great job of doing that so far in these preseason games.

Kansas City Chiefs key performers on defense against Arizona

We all know that Chris Jones is elite. Ranked at 34 (honestly, he is probably top 25) in this year’s top 100 players, Jones is a freak of nature on defense. While the preseason is more for the backups and rookies, Chris Jones has played amazing so far in just so little time.

In just three-quarters of play, Chris Jones has two sacks. In this game against Arizona, he displayed his power, getting to the quarterback once and taking him down, as well as breaking up a pass. Now that he will be switching between defensive end and defensive tackle throughout the season, teams will not know what to do with him.

DeAndre Baker was surprising in this game to me. After injuring himself last year and ending his season early, Baker looks like he has not missed a step. The Chiefs will need him to be healthy for their starting corner group.

Baker led the team in tackles with four total, which is honestly suitable for the amount of time he played. Not to mention the pass breakup he had as well.

A player that many Chiefs fans may not know about had a pretty good game. Dicarpio Bootle, a defensive tackle from Nebraska, played very well. He is making a name by himself just off this preseason game, which is why they are so important.

In the game, Bootle displayed his ability to bring down the quarterback. Of course, it was not Kyler Murray he was chasing around, but nonetheless, he still brought the quarterback down. Bootle finished with two tackles, a sack, and one of those tackles being for a loss of yards.

These preseason games mean a ton for guys like Bootle. Without them, we would not be able to see guys who have not really had a chance. Luckily, the Chiefs have one more next week.

Featured Image Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports