It’s another rivalry week for the Kansas City Chiefs. Well, this is not much of a rivalry as the Chiefs have dominated this matchup historically. However, this upcoming game is a divisional game, and there are playoff implications.

In a short week, the Chiefs must accomplish a hard feat. They must beat the Los Angeles Chargers, who beat them in week two. Of course, these two teams can split the series for this year and last year with a Chiefs win on Thursday night.

However, that is easier said than done. The Chiefs struggled mightily against the Chargers in week two. Yes, they are a different team now, but so are the Los Angeles Chargers. The Chiefs will definitely need to worry about this one thing on Thursday night to widen the gap in the AFC West.

The Chiefs need to stop the Chargers in this area

When you look at the build and make of this Los Angeles Chargers team, who is their key piece. It has to be Justin Herbert, the sophomore quarterback who is already a top ten player at his position.

They have done a great job thus far of building around him and making sure he has the pieces needed to be successful, and that would be the weapons they have in the passing game.

Austin Ekeler, their star running back, can do it all but is especially good at catching passes. Ekeler is what you would call a true “three-down back.”

Mike Williams is a big 6’4″ receiver who can go up and get it, whether it be in the end zone or just a simple check-down. Jalen Guyton is a receiver who has really come into his own over the last few weeks and uses his speed to get downfield.

Of course, we all know about Keenan Allen, who may be one of the best route-runners in all of football. Not only that, but Keenan Allen catches almost anything thrown his way.

These are all guys that the Chargers will use to their advantage. They aren’t a heavy-run team but instead are like the Chiefs with that way of play. They often use the run to set up big plays down the field, and that’s what Los Angeles will do.

Justin Herbert will for sure target the weakness in the secondary. Wherever Daniel Sorenson is, that is where the ball will go. Despite the great game, Mike Hughes had last week, his coverage can be spotty. Expect to see the AFC Defensive player of the week targeted a lot as well.

The Chiefs defense has been amazing as of late. However, they have not played an offense quite as explosive as this one. This is a team that has two 900 yard receivers with four games left, and two 500 yard receivers.

If Kansas City is not careful, they will be in for some trouble. With a short week, no Chris Jones to provide elite pass rush, the Chiefs will not have anything easy.

Featured Image Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports