KANSAS CITY – The 2022 NFL schedule was officially released Thursday night and boy, the Chiefs’ schedule is a doozy.

For starters, they have to play six games within the ultra-hyped AFC West. The Raiders, Chargers, and Broncos all made serious upgrades at certain positions over the offseason and just about everyone who pays attention to football have crowned the AFCW as the hardest division in football.

And if that wasn’t an already arduous task, the Chiefs’ first eight games on their schedule ramps up the intensity even more. In fact, it’s a history-making stretch that’s never been seen before.

ESPN‘s Adam Schefter sent a tweet not long after the schedule release informing the NFL Twitter world that the Chiefs are the first team in NFL history to start the season with eight straight games against teams with a winning record from the previous season.

That is pretty wild. Granted, this is 2021’s results and 2021’s rosters, but even now, a lot of these teams are considered playoff teams heading into 2022. There are even a couple of Super Bowl contenders in the Buccaneers and Bills thrown into the mix.

And, what’s even scarier is that only two of these games are AFCW opponents. Meaning, four of the Chiefs’ final nine games will be two games against the rival Broncos and one game against both the Raiders and the Chargers.

It’s safe to say the Chiefs can’t get off to the slow start that we saw in 2021. Five of these eight games are against AFC opponents and two of those opponents are division opponents. The wrong slip-ups could easily affect the Chiefs’ road to the Super Bowl.

I think it’s also safe to say the Chiefs are going to be looking forward to that Week 9 bye in the biggest of ways.

Featured image via Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports