When playing a game of football, there will always be players who play good, and players who play bad. While this game had both, we want to try and focus on the good things. It is a long season, and this game does not define the Chiefs or the Ravens season.

However, it does define how good a player was for that week. While the Chiefs did lose, there were some players with outstanding performances. When looking at the offense, who did struggle a bit, only scoring 28 points, we can pick out who played well.

These players are guys that you normally would not expect it from. Of course, we know what Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill are going to do. However, not everyone knows what these guys are capable of.

Chiefs have great performances on offense despite loss to Ravens

Byron Pringle, WR:

The third-year receiver is already 100 yards away from passing his career-high in total yards in a season. With his big reception last game, Pringle is now at 69 yards in just two games, needing 170 total to tie his career-high.

With just two receptions last game, Pringle was still able to contribute to the Chiefs offense. Those two receptions went for 63 yards, and one even went for a long touchdown on what was a pretty impressive play. Pringle showcased his speed and talent that not many people know about.

Blake Bell, TE:

While you may not have seen him on the field much, he was definitely working hard, contributing to the Chiefs offense. Blake Bell was doing more than just catching passes. Bell did catch one pass and took it for a good 20 yards on what was a play no one really expected.

However, the main thing that impressed me with Bell’s play, was his blocking and route running. No, the run game did not do great. However, if you go back and watch the tape, Bell always blocked his assignments.

Demarcus Robinson, WR:

Robinson has had his fair share of great games over the last few years. Just a year or two ago, he exploded for 172 yards and two touchdowns against the Oakland Raiders. While he did not get anywhere close to a game like that, he still played great.

The former Florida Gator made one of the best catches of the night when Mahomes found him in the end zone in what was a falling toe-tapper touchdown. Robinson finished with three catches on four targets and tallied 46 total yards.

If the players who often forget about continue to play like this, the Chiefs offense will come together. To have depth and output like this throughout a season can be deadly.

Featured Image Credit: Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports