The Kansas City Chiefs are topping yet another list in the NFL. However, the season has not even officially started yet, and they are already making headlines, which is only a sign of good things to come in 2021. Hopefully, the signs of another super bowl win start to show as well.

However, having two players in the top 5 of a top 100 list may be a great start. The Chiefs were the only team to accomplish this, while the Packers were very close with DaVante Adams just outside the top five at sixth, and Aaron Rodgers at number three.

I’m sure most fans can guess who the two players are, after last season, the two may come at no surprise. Now, the Chiefs just need some hardware to go with this accomplishment.

Chiefs Mahomes and Kelce top 5 of 100

I’m sure we could all assume Patrick Mahomes would be in the top five this year, after being number four the last two years. Last season, when he found out about being ranked number four, he took it personally and took it to Twitter.

When asked in this year’s interview about the tweet, he stated “I had been number four two years in a row, so I thought I should have been bumped up, but I think everyone thinks they need to be a little higher”. This is fair enough for the former MVP and Superbowl MVP. Now that Mahomes is ranked number one overall, he can stop counting on his fingers to four.

Travis Kelce was not on the top ten last year, but after the season he just had, it would be ridiculous to leave him out. Kelce did everything tight ends are not supposed to do. He broke the single-season record for receiving yards with the second-most in the league of all receivers.

Because of the things he was able to accomplish last season, Kelce is listed at number five on the top 100. In other words, there are only four other players in football who are better, and one of them is the guy throwing him the ball.

Featured Image Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports