The Kansas City Chiefs recently had their 2021 NFL Draft, along with the rest of the league. The team has to be happy with the outcome of the draft, especially when looking at the later round pieces they got.

Of course, the Chiefs went with a defensive approach with Nick Bolton from Missouri as their first pick. However, they targeted a few offensive players as well.

While some of those players were not skilled positions, they were positions of need for the Chiefs. Kansas City needs offensive line depth, and that is exactly what they got.

They took Creed Humphrey, the Center from Oklahoma, who is already looking good at camp with their second overall pick. The steal of the draft came in the sixth round with their last pick. Trey Smith, a guard from Tennessee, is putting on a clinic at Chiefs training camp thus far.

Trey Smith at Chiefs Camp Looks to be a Steal

Here is the deal with the ‘Steal’ term that we tend to throw around often when talking about the NFL draft, or any sports draft for that matter. What makes a player a steal? Well, should that player have been available where he was drafted? Another question to be asked is what is the type of play the team will be getting for where that player is drafted.

In this circumstance, the Chiefs used their last pick, the sixth-rounder, on a lineman. This is a low-risk move, as is with most late-round picks. When picking a player in the sixth or seventh round, teams usually don’t expect much out of that player.

That is exactly how Trey Smith is a steal from the Chiefs past draft. As a sixth-rounder, he is not expected to make a huge impact. From everything we are seeing and hearing during training camp, Smith is playing great. Just look at this video for proof:

Featured Image Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports