Obviously, the Chiefs have a future star at the running back position in Clyde Edwards-Helaire. However, the backup spot may be up for grabs, and with Edwards-Helaire out, for now, Chiefs running back backups will get even more run.

The Kansas City Chiefs recently made some moves in the offseason. One of those moves, which was not made much of a big deal, was the signing of Jerick McKinnon.

As fans have seen throughout the preseason, McKinnon can be very helpful in many ways to a football team. Yes, it is just preseason, however, he is making plays left and right, leaving the Chiefs no choice but to add him to the 53 man roster.

So, now that he is officially on the team, what can Kansas City do now to make sure they get their money’s worth? McKinnon can have a few different roles with this tea, all in which will help them tremendously. However, there is one potential role that the Chiefs will likely place McKinnon in.

Chiefs will find good use for McKinnon 

Initially, my brain thought about how good a backup running back Jerick McKinnon would be for Kansas City. It is easy to forget about the Chiefs current second string back in Darrel Williams, even though he put on a show in the playoffs.

However, with him and Edwards-Helaire potentially out for game one, McKinnon could be the starting back. But, let’s use a hypothetical situation here. How would the Chiefs use McKinnon if he is not listed as the starter or backup?

We have seen some instances of Jerick McKinnon being used as a returner during the preseason. With his speed and elusiveness, he makes a great fit for a kick and punt returner.

When put in that position, McKinnon would be helping the Chiefs in a few ways. We are used to seeing either Tyreek Hill or Mecole Hardman in these positions. Putting the new guy there would only help their jobs, giving them more rest. Especially Mecole Hardman, who is now taking on the role as the number two wide receiver.

The Chiefs two best receivers would definitely need the rest. Now that the season is 17 games long, Kansas City would be just a little bit more fresh.

Featured Image Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports