The Philadelphia Eagles have started the season the same way as the Kansas City Chiefs. They won their first game, and have lost the last two. However, there is a difference between the two teams. This is expected from the Eagles, and I don’t think the same can be said about the Chiefs.

Last week, the Eagles and Chiefs both lost. However, Philadelphia’s came by way of 20 points to the Dallas Cowboys, a division rival, whom the Chiefs also lost to last week.

Even though they have started the season off very poor, the Eagles have a good roster. They have some players on offense that could go off at any moment given the right circumstances.

Three Eagles who can give the Chiefs defense trouble

Jalen Hurts, QB

I think we almost have to start with Hurts, who has undoubtedly been their best player so far. The now second-year quarterback does not have the pressure of Carson Wentz in front of or behind him in the depth chart anymore. Now, he can play free and show the NFL just what exactly he can do.

So far, he is doing just that. Hurts is leading the team in both passing yards and rushing yards. It is almost Lamar Jackson-like. With 780 passing yards and five passing touchdowns, Hurts is showing he can do it all. Not to mention the 179 rushing yards and a rushing touchdown. The Chiefs struggled with Lamar Jackson, who plays very similar to Hurts, so there could end up being some problems.

Miles Sanders, RB

The Eagles have another guy who can do more than one thing. Miles Sanders is listed as a running back but does much more than run the ball. Known for his pass-catching abilities as well, Sanders is one of the league’s best at doing both for his position.

Sanders is having a decent season so far, not great, but not bad. In just three games, he has managed to rack up 156 rushing yards, and 71 receiving yards. However, the Chiefs have shown they don’t defend the run very well, so he could have himself a day.

Dallas Goedert, TE

This is a guy who does not get talked about a ton but is a good player. Sometimes in the NFL when you have a good tight end, you get overlooked if you are not in that top tier with Kelce, Kittle, and Waller.

However, Goedert has been playing well. He is up to 132 yards so far and has found the end zone once. The more the Eagles play, the more involved he will start to become on their offense.

Featured Image Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports