The once-formidable Super Bowl champions of just two years ago, are now in a bind in this tethered 2021 season. While other teams, who usually don’t have this much success at the beginning, are having an immense amount of success, the Chiefs are struggling mightily.

Fans knew coming into this season that it would not be easy, but to say that anyone expected this, would be a stretch. And if anyone did tell you they saw this coming, they lied to you.

Kansas City is a team that has had nothing but success the last three years prior to this one. To say that the year is done would be blasphemous. However, the uphill climb is getting steeper and steeper.

With the way the AFC West is looking, the Chiefs may have to win nearly every game left on their strenuous schedule to have a shot at postseason play. That tall task starts on Sunday against a familiar foe in the Tennessee Titans, who probably want revenge for 2019.

3 Things Chiefs must do to beat Tennessee

Win the time of possession battle

The Titans have who looks to be the best player in the league right now. Derrick Henry is an absolute force, there is no hiding that. There is also no stopping him, it just has yet to happen this year. Instead of trying to do that, the Chiefs should try to keep him off the field, and the only way you do that is by winning the time of possession battle.

When keeping the Titans offense off the field, you keep Henry off the field. That also means you keep their horrendous defense on the field, which is perfect for Kansas City. Many teams tried this same method against the Chiefs, however, it does not work. When you have the weapons Kansas City does, you don’t need much time to score.

Put pressure on Tannehill

The Titans have maybe the worst pass protection in football. So far, Ryan Tannehill has been sacked 20 times. That is the most among any team in the NFL thus far.

The only thing about doing that is that the Chiefs have not been able to provide pressure very often. In fact, Kansas City is dead last in sacks as a team this year with just seven. Yes, that is definitely something that needs to be fixed, and it could start on Sunday.

Get an early lead

One of the most important things the Chiefs need to do is get an early lead. They need to score early and fast. Some fans may think that is obvious, but don’t know why it is so important.

Well, when you are a run dominant team like the Titans, it is very hard to play from behind. When a team is losing it is hard to keep running the ball, taking up time on the clock. The Titans have struggled with playing from behind the last few years, and this year could be the same.

If Kansas City can do these three things at a high level, it would be great for the franchise overall. Not only does it put the team above .500, but the team morale gets boosted as well.

Featured Image Credit: George Walker IV / via Imagn Content Services, LLC