The Las Vegas Raiders took yet another tough loss, but this time at the hands of the Tennessee Titans. Now, they are 0-3, and it looks to be one of two or three teams without a win so far. This is something I don’t think anyone expected.

This game came down to the wire, even when it wasn’t necessarily close, at all. It could have been closer, but penalties and dumb mistakes kept the Raiders from getting their first win of the year. Instead, the Titans got theirs first.

The Raiders’ quarterback Derek Carr explained after the game what he thinks they need to do to get out of this hole they are in.

“Penalties down in the red zone, the other stuff, whatever, we have to be better and if we are not we are going to have a sucky feeling after every game, Carr told the media following the 24-22 loss to Tennessee.

“You try your best to do it the right way in practice, and if you don’t do it right in practice you can’t expect it to go right in the game. We have to look at that and each man as an individual and say okay I have to be better at this, this, and this.”

If you ask me, it sounds exactly like he is questioning the team’s practice habits. If he isn’t then I don’t know what else he could be referring to.

However, he is right about the penalties. The Raiders had six for 44 yards in the game, and while that is bad, the Titans had worse. They finished the game with seven penalties for 85 yards.

The penalties were bad, yes, but they were not the problem. Could it be practice habits? Maybe so. If there was someone he was talking about, it would possibly be Darren Waller, who missed a large portion of the offseason and preseason workouts due to injury.

This is something we will definitely need to monitor to see if this affects the tea, anymore. It likely won’t and this is probably all just frustration talking. However, this stuff doesn’t just come out of nowhere.

The Raiders are struggling right now. This was supposed to be the week that they got back right. Instead, the exact opposite happened.

Featured Image Via George Walker IV / / USA TODAY NETWORK