While most eyes on the Minnesota Vikings (12-4) will be on WR Justin Jefferson, he’s not the only one who is up for a historical mark.

Yes, the third-year playmaker needs 194 yards against the Chicago Bears (3-13) to break Calvin Johnson’s single-season yards mark. Yardage he has beaten or finished just shy of three times this year.

However, his quarterback is also up for his spot in history.

Kirk Cousins has the most wins of his career as a starter. A win today, as well as a number of scenarios could have the Vikings as high as the two seed in the playoffs.

While Cousins has had his struggles this season, he continues to show resiliency. A theme for this year’s Vikings squad.

What has gone largely unnoticed is how much Cousins is airing it out. A reward for feeding Jefferson, as well as the advancement of KJ Osborn and addition of TJ Hockenson. He has been close in past season but has fallen short.

Now, just 395 yards behind Daunte Culpepper’s 4,717 yards mark set in 2004, Cousins and the Vikings have a chance to break it.

Going up against a hurt secondary, which currently ranks 14th against the pass, this is entirely possible.

395 yards is a mark Cousins has hit twice this season, and in a game where Jefferson is still vying for the single-season mark. Don’t be surprised if the Minnesota Vikings offense airs the ball out a lot in this game.

Setting records doesn’t necessarily add any extra muster going into the playoffs but gives the regular season a satisfying end. To break a near 20-year franchise mark during one of the most dramatic and successful regular seasons in franchise history is cinematic.

Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch of USA TODAY Sports