New LSU Tigers head coach Brian Kelly might already be making a massive mistake in Baton Rouge.

A mistake that a coach can’t make at LSU and expect to have success.

Kelly doesn’t appear to be taking advantage of Louisiana’s rich pool of in-state talent. At least not like he should be.

The LSU job is one of the most unique in college football because the Tigers could put together an entire class of nothing but in-state kids and still be competitive in the SEC.

Kelly, however, seems to be focusing more on national recruits instead of in-state recruits. The Tigers currently have five commits to their 2023 recruiting class. And only one of those commits is from Louisiana — four-star running back Trey Holly.

Dec 1, 2021; Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA; LSU Tigers football head coach Brian Kelly speaks to the fans at halftime between the LSU Tigers and the Ohio Bobcats at Pete Maravich Assembly Center.

It’s not like LSU is completely ignoring in-state recruiting under Kelly — that’s not the case at all. But it certainly feels like they aren’t putting as much attention on in-state recruiting as they should be.

For example, four-star linebackers Tackett Curtis and Jaiden Ausberry are ranked as the No. 7 and No. 4 players in the state. And neither is currently projected to land at LSU (Curtis is projected to go to Ohio State while Ausberry is projected to go to Notre Dame). Those are two players that should absolutely be signed by the Tigers. And under previous coaches — especially former head coach Ed Orgeron — I think they would end up at LSU.

Kelly had a lot of success at Notre Dame, but winning at LSU is a different beast. If Kelly wants to find sustained success in Baton Rouge, he better make in-state recruiting his top priority above all else. It’s going to really hard to win the SEC West if elite in-state players are heading elsewhere to play.

Featured image via Andre Broussard/ Special to The Daily Advertiser / USA TODAY NETWORK