CBS Sports recently named the greatest team in each franchise’s history and their choice for the Tennessee Titans wasn’t difficult.

Bryan DeArdo, an NFL writer for CBS Sports, went with the 1999 team as his choice for the Titans’ best team in franchise history.

From CBS Sports:

After three consecutive 8-8 seasons, Tennessee finally broke through in 1999, its first season as the Titans. Tennessee received a major shot in the arm from pass rusher Javon Kearse, whose 14.5 sacks helped him win Defensive Rookie of the Year.

Trailing 16-0 in Super Bowl XXXIV, the Titans, led by the combined brilliance of Steve McNair and Eddie George, battled back to tie the score with 2:12 left. But after the Rams quickly regained the lead, McNair’s final pass of the game, a slant to Kevin Dyson, saw Dyson get tackled a yard shy of the end zone. While they didn’t become the franchise’s first world champion, the ’99 Titans remain its best team to date.

Tennessee went to the Super Bowl in 1999, but they came up just short (literally, inches short) against the St. Louis Rams. That season also included the Music City Miracle, easily one of the best moments in NFL history.

The Titans’ 13-3 record in 1999 is tied with the 2000 team and the 2008 team for the best record in franchise history.

One of the craziest things about the 1999 Titans team is that despite their 13-3 record, they didn’t win the AFC South. Tennessee made the playoffs as a Wild Card team due to the Jacksonville Jaguars’ 14-2 record.

Jacksonville lost three games in total during the 1999 season (including the playoffs). All three losses came against the Titans.

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