The Tennessee Titans new passing game coordinator Tim Kelly could play a big part in the Titans offense in 2022.

Kelly previously worked for the Houston Texans as the passing game coordinator and offensive coordinator from 2019-2021.

While he was there, the Texans passing game found a lot of success. With Deshaun Watson under center in 2019 and 2020, the Texans were among the top 10 teams in both passing yards and passer rating. In 2020, they were second best offense through the air.

Kelly even found relative success with Davis Mills at quarterback and quite possibly the worst receiving room in the NFL during the 2021 season.

When former Texans head coach David Culley was fired in January, Kelly went with him. Now in Tennessee, there is hope he can bring the same success rate to a Titans offense that desperately needs to find an identity in the passing game.

So, what was Kelly’s secret?

James Foster of A to Z Sports Film Room recently released a film breakdown that highlights a few of the concepts Kelly is likely to bring into the Titans offense:

After hearing Foster’s breakdown of the concepts Kelly has had success with in the past, I have one main goal for his time in Tennessee:

Tim Kelly needs to make the Titans offense easier and simpler for his personnel.

That’s something he has been good at in year’s past. That’s how his offenses every year have seemingly outperformed their talent level while under his watch.

Figure out what your players need to succeed, and implement a plan that fits.

Whether it be the “play-action bang” concept that allows rookie WR Treylon Burks to get downfield targets early, or the “arches” concept that allows Ryan Tannehill to get the ball out quickly to a shifty receiver and avoid sacks.

Whatever it takes to cover up some of the holes you have in your roster.

It’s also worth noting that the slot fade concept, which Kelly seems to be so fond of, looks very similar to what Ryan Tannehill and Kyle Philips were working on during live red zone team reps when the two had a miscommunication last week.

That at least shows you that the Titans are clearly being proactive in implementing Kelly’s concepts.

If the Titans are to take the next step in the 2022 season, it will start with their ability to throw the football.

The reign of King Henry won’t last forever and it’s crucial that the Titans bring forward a more balanced offense while they still have the best running back in the game.

Maybe Kelly can be that answer.

Image via George Walker IV / The Tennessean-USA TODAY NETWORK