There are plenty of positives to take away from the Tennessee Vols‘ 62-24 win against the Missouri Tigers on Saturday.

One of the biggest positives, however, is that Tennessee’s offense — which is predicated on catching the defense off guard — didn’t do anything that Missouri wasn’t expecting.

Tigers head coach Eliah Drinkwitz admitted on Saturday after the loss that UT’s offense did what they were expecting — Mizzou just couldn’t stop it.

“I don’t believe so,” replied Drinkwitz when asked if Tennessee’s offense did anything different than he expected.

Drinkwitz told reporters that Missouri practiced for UT’s up-tempo attack all week.

“We practiced what they did all week,” said Drinkwitz. “We practiced fast. I thought we got everything lined up, but obviously, it wasn’t effective.”

Drinkwitz’s comments should be extremely encouraging for Vol fans.

Tennessee’s offense didn’t rely on gimmicks to steamroll Missouri. They didn’t unveil some new scheme that the Tigers weren’t prepared to defend.

The Vols just straight up beat Missouri. They out-played them, out-coached them, and out-executed them.

A performance like that — where the opposing head coach is just at a complete loss — tells me that Tennessee’s offensive success is sustainable. This is an offensive attack that’s going to work more often than not in the SEC (we’ll see how it does against the upper-echelon teams like Alabama and Georgia later this season).

I have a feeling that Drinkwitz won’t be the last opposing coach that’s flabbergasted after facing Tennessee’s offense this season.

Scoring points is fun. And it’s been a while since Tennessee’s had this much fun.

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