There’s been no shortage of bulletin board material for the Tennessee Vols this season.

We’ve seen a Florida defensive back say he didn’t view Tennessee as a challenge.

There was LSU head coach Brian Kelly suggesting that the Vols “can’t do much” because of their tempo.

And most recently, Kentucky preached all week about “real football” before getting boat raced by Tennessee.

Georgia added to the list of bulletin board material this week via a comment from Bulldogs defensive lineman Zion Logue, a Tennessee native.

Logue told reporters this week that he’s not concerned about the Vols’ tempo.

“The tempo, we’re not going to let it affect us,” said Logue. “We’re going to play our game and stick to the things we’ve been taught all season and just play football.”

“I wouldn’t say we’ve honed it on it (UT’s tempo) a lot, but we’ll probably do it a little bit this week,” added Logue. “We’re just going to stick to playing football.”

It certainly sounds like Logue is completely dismissing the challenge that Tennessee’s tempo presents.

And I’m not sure that’s wise.

Georgia is a talented team — probably the most talented team the Vols will face this season. But it doesn’t matter how talented you are or how big you are — the tempo makes it hard for any team to line up correctly on defense. There’s just no way to adjust to Tennessee’s formations and get in an ideal defensive call.

Logue and his teammates will find out the hard way. I’m not saying the Vols are going to win — this is a toss-up game in the truest sense of the phrase — but there’s no doubt that Tennessee’s tempo will have a major impact on this matchup.

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