One of the reasons opposing fan bases dislike Tennessee Vols fans so much is because they get annoyed by UT fans feeling slighted all the time.

It’s certainly true that things get blown out of proportion by fans at times.

The Dabo Swinney “burger flipping” comments, for example, weren’t all that bad. He could’ve used better wording, but he wasn’t necessarily throwing shade at Tennessee.

Other slights, however, are real. And we’ve seen plenty of them this season.

Kirk Herbstreit going on national television after the South Carolina game and boldly spreading unfounded rumors about Tennessee players “fighting amongst themselves” was about as unprofessional as it gets.

And Vols head coach Josh Heupel wasn’t very happy about it. Heupel addressed the questions about Tennessee’s culture after UT’s win against Vanderbilt.

On Thursday, we got another example of the “bias” against Tennesese that Vols fans often reference.

ESPN put out an article that predicts who will win each end-of-season college football award.

Unsurprisingly, they said that Ohio State wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr should win the Biletnikoff Award over Jalin Hyatt.

Hyatt has better numbers than Harrison while playing a tougher schedule, but Harrison is the son of a Pro Football Hall of Famer. And apparently, that matters more in ESPN’s eyes.

That’s not the bad part, though.

ESPN said Harrison’s 12 receiving touchdowns are tied for the national lead. And they pointed to that as one of the reasons that Harrison should win the award.

There’s just one problem — Hyatt is tied for the national lead in receiving touchdowns with 15 (Houston’s Nathaniel Dell also has 15 receiving touchdowns).

I don’t think this can be chalked up to oversight — especially since they mentioned Hyatt as a finalist.

If you’re going to predict who should win an award, at the absolute minimum you have to look at the stats of all the finalists. Other things can go into a prediction as well — like strength of schedule, performance against top programs, etc.

But at the least, you gotta look at the stats. It’s not that difficult to pull up a profile page and see how many touchdowns Hyatt had.

This just shows that ESPN isn’t looking to determine who has the best case. They already made their mind up based on names and uniforms instead of who actually deserves it.

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