Tennessee Titans fans understand how special Titans safety Kevin Byard is when he takes the field.

The 28-year-old safety has been one of the most dominant defensive forces in football over the last few years, and found himself holding a special place in the heart of every Titans fan.

What sets Byard apart though, is the man he is off the field. His character has always been just as rare as the talent he showcases on Sundays.

While Byard has nothing more to prove about his character or skill, the Titans veteran continues to grow anyway. Recent developments in Byard’s life have changed his outlook on both football, and the people surrounding him. 

Byard’s mother, Artina Stanley, passed away earlier this offseason. After practice on Wednesday, Byard spoke to the media about the sudden loss of his mother and how it has affected his perspective as he enters year seven of his football career. 

“I can just hear her voice saying ‘keep your foot on the gas’, and that’s what I’m going to keep doing every single day.”

– Titans safety Kevin Byard

Byard was also asked if he would be dedicating this season to his mother, and he responded by saying that every day is dedicated to her, crediting her for the man he is today. 

A man who walks by faith, family, and football.  

After practice on Wednesday, Byard got what he called to be a “full-circle” moment, spending time on the field with his wife and children. 

Byard joked that his son, Kevin Byard IV, was already on his way towards being a first-round draft pick, and spoke to the media about what it means to have his family by his side. 

Byard’s kids have never been able to join him for training camp due to COVID-19, but with them in attendance this season, he continues to set a strong example.

Titans head coach Mike Vrabel even praised the role model that Byard is for others. Vrabel mentioned in the press conference that one of the things he loves about having his son Carter in training camp, is that he can learn from the example set by Byard. 

That certainly says a lot about the Titans’ All-Pro.

Byard is the ultimate leader for his teammates on the field and his family back at home. As his NFL career continues to unfold, Titans fans are blessed with the opportunity to watch him every week and call him one of our own.

It will certainly be exciting to watch how he continues to grow through time and all the ways in which he will continue making his mother proud.  

Image via George Walker IV / Tennessean.com