Ole Miss Rebels head coach Lane Kiffin seems to spend a significant amount of time tweeting about the Tennessee Vols.

Kiffin famously spent one season as the Vols’ head coach before leaving Knoxville for his “dream job” at USC.

While Kiffin has maintained that he has no regrets about leaving Tennessee for USC, it certainly feels as though the controversial head coach still has a deep love for the Vols.

That’s why his tweets that are directed at Tennessee often feel like a grade-schooler showing affection for a childhood crush.

Most of Kiffin’s attempts to troll UT are laughed off by fans.

His latest troll attempt, though, likely hurt Vols fans.

Former Tennessee defensive back Inky Johnson has made quite a career as a motivational speaker. And his latest gig took him to Gainesville to speak to the Florida Gators football team.

Johnson tweeted a photo of himself wearing Florida gear alongside Gators head coach Billy Napier (not something uncommon — Tim Tebow once wore Tennessee gear while visiting Knoxville).

Kiffin quoted the tweet saying, “Didn’t think I would ever see you in this shirt”. 

I mean, advantage Kiffin on that one. There’s not much you can say when Inky is wearing a Florida shirt — even though he was just doing his job.

Regardless, it seems like Tennessee is always on Kiffin’s mind. But if he’s hoping for a return to Knoxville one day, he probably shouldn’t hold his breath — that ship has sailed. While there are some Vols fans who look fondly on Kiffin these days, the majority still think about that January night in 2010 when Kiffin wrecked the program by leaving after just one season.

Featured image via Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports