The Tennessee Vols received their notice of allegations related to the Jeremy Pruitt recruiting scandal on Friday afternoon.

The list of allegations gives us a little more insight into what got Pruitt and multiple assistants fired.

Fortunately for Tennessee, it appears the program will dodge harsh penalties, thanks to their transparency during the investigation.

Here’s a list of the reported violations (vis Sports Illustrated and Knoxville News Sentinel):

  • Pruitt and his staff hosted at least six recruits and families on nine weekend visits during the COVID-19 dead period. The recruits were provided with lodging, meals, transportation, various household goods, and some furniture (that total was $12,000).
  • Pruitt made cash payments of $3,000 and $6,000 to the mothers of two recruits. The first payment was used for medical bills and the other payment was for a downpayment on a vehicle.
  • Casey Pruitt, Jeremy’s wife, paid at least $2,000 in cash to recruits and their families (including “$1,600 to one prospect for a security deposit and first month’s rent”).
  • Assistant coaches Brian Niedermeyer and Shelton Felton, along with director of recruiting Bethany Gunn, each “gave false or misleading information to the university and NCAA investigators”.
  • The staff paid for hotel rooms, including rooms at the Crown Plaza in Knoxville.
  • Coaches delivered $500 in university apparel to recruits in a parking garage.
  • The staff paid $225 for nail salon visit(s).
  • There was an unofficial visit that included $175 on a meal for a recruit’s family at Dead End BBQ.
  • Pruitt and staff members paid seven current (the assumption is current meaning on the 2020 team) football players around $1,300 to host recruits during a dead period.
  • Various fast food items, including Mcdonald’s and Chick-Fil-A, were bought for recruits.
  • Pruitt and his wife paid about $15,000 in rent and car payments for a player and his mother over a 2.5-year period.
  • Brian Niedermeyer paid a recruit $750 at his high school. He and Bethany Gunn also gave that same recruit over $2,400 in cash, hotel stays, and entertainment.
  • Defensive coordinator Derrick Ansley, outside linebackers coach Shelton Felton, inside linebackers coach Brian Niedermeyer, director of player personnel Drew Hughes, director of recruiting Bethany Gunn, assistant director of recruiting Chantryce Boone and an unnamed student assistant were the staff members, in addition to Pruitt and his wife, were named in the notice of allegations.

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