This offseason has been good for Tennessee football so far. Enthusiasm and optimism around the Vols’ program are high and recruiting has been solid. One of the big things that has given Big Orange fans major excitement for the 2022 season is the fact that the Vols beat the Kentucky Wildcats last year. UK was ranked in the top 20 and the game was in Lexington when UT spoiled Big Blue’s supposedly big season.

The win proved that the Vols were coming back a little quicker than expected under Josh Heupel’s direction. Tennessee could clearly hang with ranked teams even though colossal idiot Jeremy Pruitt left things in shambles when he was fired.

But despite this head-to-head victory and the abundant evidence that Tennessee wasn’t going to be a pushover in 2022, media around the country still believe Kentucky will outflank UT in the coming season. In the newly released preseason AP Top 25 poll, which is voted on by select college football press members, the Wildcats are ranked 20th while Tennessee was left off the list.

This isn’t necessarily surprising but it certainly shows the media’s somewhat unexplainable bias towards Kentucky at the moment. Thankfully, a couple of critically-thinking national media pundits weren’t having it.


Bud Elliott, a recruiting reporter for 247Sports, caused a stir on Twitter when he gave his thoughts on UK making a top 25 appearance while the Vols were snubbed…

I’m glad somebody said it.

I think most Tennessee fans would fully agree with this opinion but many Wildcat fans were none too happy. Such as this delusional and very angry person…

I hope he’s joking but I think we all know he’s not.

Sorry to throw cold water on your incorrect assumption that Kentucky is now a football powerhouse, UK fans, but you’re still not, nor will you ever be, truly relevant in college football. What John Calipari said last week was exactly right and you just need to accept that.

But Kentucky wasn’t the only other school that got a dose of reality from media members after the AP Top 25 was revealed. Peter Burns at the SEC Network obliterated Wake Forest while praising Tennessee in this tweet…

I’m sure if there were any Wake Forest fans on social media, or any at all for that matter, they would be very mad about this.

Regardless, it’s nice to have the feelings many Vol fans have had this offseason confirmed by third parties. We’re definitely crazy but we know a potentially solid football team when we see one.

Featured image via Calvin Mattheis/News Sentinel / USA TODAY NETWORK