The Nashville Predators are on a five game losing streak and currently sit in 6th place in the Central Division with a record of 2-4-1. After a hot start in Prague against the San Jose Shark in the Global Series, the team has been unable to find their first win in North America. Of course, there are already calls for extreme measures: firing John Hynes, firing David Poile, stripping Roman Josi of the captaincy…the list goes on. However, the Predators record 7 games into the season is not exactly as big of a cause for concern as many think it is.

Other rough starts

Last season, one team started with a similar record of 3-4 earning just 6 points, which is only one more than the current Predators team with 5 points. However, that team managed to go on and turn in a respectable season, even sweeping the Nashville Predators in the first round of the playoffs. That team, of course, was the eventual Stanley Cup Champions, the Colorado Avalanche.

Seasons typically aren’t won, nor are they lost, in the first 7 games of the season. Back in 2018-19, there was another team that started off in a pretty big slump. A strikingly familiar record of 2-4-1 in their first seven games. Would you believe that this team wound up not only making the playoffs, but winning the Stanley Cup? It’s true; that team was the St. Louis Blues.

If you look back at the 2016-17 Nashville Predators, the eventual Western Conference Champions, you’ll find a surprise. As much as fans remember that team whimsically with talk of grit and getting the job done, take a look at their first 7 games. That Predators team started the season with a very familiar record of 2-4-1, same as the current Predators team. Is it possible that this season started out with familiar refrains of firing then-Head Coach Peter Laviolette, firing Poile, and stripping Mike Fisher of the captaincy? Probably. But that’s a team that continues to be romanticized and discussed with an air of nostalgia that only Pepperidge Farms can rival. However, they started with the exact same record as this current Predators team.

Of course, correlation doesn’t equal causation. Getting off to a rough start isn’t the “secret ingredient” to winning the Stanley Cup. The Tampa Bay Lightning started their most recent Stanley Cup winning season in a dominating fashion with a record of 5-1-1, which was just a small sample of what was to come.

The problem with the Nashville Predators isn’t their record or the 5 game losing streak, it’s what’s going on (or not going on) on the ice that’s the true cause for concern, but Alex has already covered that!

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