It is finally complete. According to reports, the Nashville Predators have agreed to an extension with star forward Filip Forsberg. The moment that Preds fans have been sweating over the last year has finally come. Nashville is giving Forsberg an 8-year, $70 million dollar contract. That comes out to about $8.5 million per season, a respectable price for one of the best forwards in Nashville Predators history.

The Predators have confirmed that the deal is in place and the length of it, but they did not specify the price tag yet.

Regardless, all signs seem to suggest that the $8.5 million AAV will be accurate. This is yet another “win now” move by GM David Poile and the Predators. They believe they have the top-end talent on offense and defense right now to contend for the Stanley Cup. Even after this deal, the Preds will still have some cap space to make more moves that can make an immediate impact.

Forsberg said on multiple occasions that he wanted to stay in Nashville. Both sides wanted to get this done, even if it did take longer than they expected. The star goal scorer is worth the wait. This not only boosters the future for the Predators because Forsberg is an elite offensive player, but it entices others to join him in Nashville as well. They locked up their guy, and that means a lot in the NHL.

“Scoresberg” will be in Nashville for a very long time, folks.

Featured Image via USA TODAY-Sports