One of the biggest stories related to the Tennessee Vols this past season was when fans pelted the field at Neyland Stadium with trash near the end of UT’s matchup against Ole Miss.

The national media absolutely destroyed the Tennessee fan base after the trash-throwing incident.

Recruits, however, didn’t see it the same way as the national media. They mostly seemed to enjoy the atmosphere — which was incredible for 59 minutes of game time, until the frustration with officials and questionable Ole Miss “injuries” boiled over.

2023 four-star offensive lineman Wilkin Formby, an Alabama native, is one of the recruits who was at the Ole Miss game. And he loved the raucous atmosphere.

“The fans showed a lot of good energy and stuck with it the whole game,” said Formby to VolQuest this week. “Win or lose, it’s a great atmosphere with great fans. It’s exciting because I feel like every week they played, they developed more into themselves. I feel like they are about to have a great season.”

I’m sure we’ll hear plenty this season about the Tennessee/Ole Miss game and how Vol fans acted out of line (though let’s not forget that Ole Miss fans were in attendance, too).

And while throwing stuff on the field is never appropriate, I think it’s telling that recruits don’t seem bothered by what happened. The overwhelming feeling from recruits that were at the game is that they loved the atmosphere.

There’s no doubt that Neyland Stadium provides one of the best atmospheres in college football. And Formby is right — win or lose, Vol fans are as loud and passionate as any fan base in the country.

Featured image via Bryan Lynn-USA TODAY Sports