Former Tennessee Vols head coach Jeremy Pruitt is not giving up in his attempt to retrieve the $12.6 million buyout he believes he’s owed by UT.

Pruitt, who was fired with cause in January due to numerous recruiting violations that occurred under his watch, is threatening to file a lawsuit against Tennessee that he and his lawyers believe could “cripple Tennessee athletics”.

In an attempt to build his case against UT, Pruitt is reportedly calling up former Tennessee employees to get them to give up some dirt on Vol athletics.’s Trey Wallace reported on Friday, during an interview with Fox Sports Knoxville, that Pruitt has called various former Tennessee employees asking for help. According to Wallace, those employees have refused to give Pruitt any information.

Here are Wallace’s full comments.

Pruitt is clearly aiming for a settlement, and he doesn’t care who he takes down with him. If this goes to court, there’s no way he will win (his contract clearly states that violations that occur under his watch are grounds for being fired with cause). He’s likely posturing with the hope that Tennessee will cave and give him part of his buyout.

So far, it appears that UT has no plans of backing down.

Featured image via Brianna Paciorka/News Sentinel via Imagn Content Services, LLC