If you’re a Tennessee Titans fan and you’re hoping the franchise ends the season by celebrating a Super Bowl, then you should probably hope for a couple of specific uniform combinations in the playoffs.

Tennessee wore six different uniform combinations in 2021.

The Titans went 10-0 in three of those uniform combinations, while they went 2-5 in their other three uniform combinations.

Here’s the Titans’ record in each uniform this season (via Titans Uni Tracker).

Wearing the same color jersey and pants was kind to the Titans this season, as they went 4-0 while wearing all navy blue and 3-0 while wearing all white.

Tennessee also went 3-0 wearing Titans blue jerseys and navy blue pants.

Those should probably be the only three uniform combinations the Titans wear during the playoffs.

And they should absolutely not wear navy blue jerseys with white pants. That’s what Tennessee was wearing when they inexplicably lost to the New York Jets.

Reversing that combination and wearing white jerseys with navy blue pants probably wouldn’t be wise either. The Titans were 1-3 in that combination this season.

Jerseys obviously don’t have an impact on which team wins the game. But hey, everyone is a little superstitious, right?

Featured image via Tennessean-USA TODAY Sports