Logan Ryan and Marcus Mariota used to be teammates on the Tennessee Titans. While they are no longer teammates, they are certainly still buddies. Everyone got an update on Mariota’s love life on Friday of this past week when Ryan shared photos from Mariota’s wedding.

Check out the photos from his Facebook here:

According to a source in Honolulu, KHON2, Mariota married the woman he has called his girlfriend since college, Kiyomi Cook. They had their ceremony on Thursday evening and welcomed around a hundred of their closest loved ones.

Ryan always showed tons of respect for Mariota throughout their time playing together. This quote from him is an example of that.

Titans fans are probably happy to see the two players still connecting. They were a couple of fan favorites throughout their time with the Titans. They made a lot of memories while on the team together as well as gave Tennessee fans some great memories as well.

The two now-veterans may never play on the same football team together, but they’ll always be on each other’s team.