The Tennessee Titans need both rookie WR Treylon Burks and rookie CB Roger McCreary to play pivotal roles this season. It’s a heavy ask for both of them, but the Titans clearly believe in them after selecting them early in the 2022 NFL Draft. That’s for good reason. Both Burks and McCreary were cornerstones for their respective SEC teams. Both have flown flashes so far in practice during training camp.

Burks got the best of McCreary on a very physical rep on Friday, a sector of the game where both excel. 

Burks uses his arm for leverage to create separation, but it probably isn’t enough to draw a penalty on this play. Referees consistently allow receivers to initiate more contact than defensive backs. That certainly plays in Burks’ favor.

There is no doubt that 1-on-1’s play to the favor of the offense, though. It is the toughest portion of practice for many cornerbacks simply because they are completely alone on an island. They have zero help. That being said, McCreary certainly won multiple reps during this portion of practice, too. This one between him and Burks was just one that showed both rookies competing really hard.

Featured Image via USA TODAY-Sports