Tennessee Vols athletic director Danny White has been full of great quotes since arriving in Knoxville earlier this year.

Some of those quotes have pleased fans (such as “That’s why I believe that we’ll get Tennessee football back to where it belongs”), and some have angered fans (the whole “text a buddy” thing didn’t go over so well).

In a recent interview with The Athletic’s David Ubben, White dropped a quote that will most definitely please fans.

White was asked about the addition of Oklahoma and Texas to the SEC and if he’s concerned that it will be more difficult to win the conference now.

The UT athletic director had an absolutely perfect response.

“We’re already in the toughest conference in the country,” said White. “We shouldn’t be concerned about adding anybody to it. It’s already really hard to win.”

And then White dropped the money quote.

“We’re not building, in any of our sports, a vision to see if we can finish third in the SEC,” said White.

I love that quote. It’s perfect.

Tennesese needs to set their sights high. They don’t need to be ok with just being relevant. Otherwise, they’ll never be more than just a mediocre program.

Instead, Tennessee needs to make national championships the priority.

That’s obviously what White wants to do. And he’s not worried about other elite programs possibly getting in the way.

Featured image via Caitie McMekin/Pool via News Sentinel via Imagn Content Services