Tennessee Vols fans know it better than anyone. Alvin Kamara didn’t quite get the usage that many people wanted during his time at Tennessee. That could probably be said for quite a few players during that era, yeah? Butch Jones, baby.

Either way, he’s an elite NFL talent now, but he hasn’t forgotten the Vols or their fans.

On Saturday, he paid homage to his time as a Volunteer at New Orleans Saints training camp.

Like the tweet says, it isn’t a permanent change for AK. He’ll still wear his #41 on game days for the Saints. The gesture is an awesome one, regardless.

As a Vol in two seasons, Kamara 1,977 yards from scrimmage and 23 touchdowns. That’s not too shabby for a player that wasn’t even getting a consistent workload at times.

Kamara was always a Vols fan favorite anyway. He still is to this day for many Tennessee fans, and he’s no stranger to showing love to them as well. His dynamic athletic ability and incredible balance makes him one of the most mesmerizing players to watch.

The former Vols RB has been in some headlines concerning the university a few times in recent memory. After the hiring of Josh Heupel as the football team’s new head coach, he commented about how the team’s energy had improved so far with Heupel at the helm.

For more on Heupel “passing the Kamara test”, check this out from Zach Ragan last month.

Tennessee Vols head coach Josh Heupel passes the Alvin Kamara test

Before that coaching hire was made, Kamara even lobbied (jokingly) on Twitter to get a coaching job with the Vols. He even got a fantastic edit created in order for everyone to visualize it.

There’s no doubt that just about every Vols fan on the planet would have been on board with that hire. He may have had limited time for it with being in the NFL and all, though.

Nonetheless, it’s clear that Kamara’s time at Tennessee touched many fans, and their support touched him as well.


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