Tennessee Vols senior wide receiver Ramel Keyton made a statement on Wednesday that all players should hear before entering the NCAA transfer portal.

Keyton is a former four-star recruit who hasn’t found much success during his time at Tennessee. The Marietta, GA native had just 20 receptions during his first three seasons with the Vols.

But despite his lack of success, Keyton made was one of the main reasons Tennessee got a win against the Florida Gators this past Saturday.

Keyton caught three passes for 69 yards, including what might have been the catch of the year.

On Wednesday, the Vols wide receiver was asked about his decision to stick around at Tennessee during the offseason instead of transferring for his senior season.

Keyton explained that his lack of success at UT was because he wasn’t working hard enough. And after some self-reflection, that’s why he didn’t enter the transfer portal.

“I had to self-reflect, I really wasn’t working that hard,” said Keyton. “I was still working, but I wasn’t pushing myself to new levels, so I couldn’t get mad at the situation.”

The NCAA transfer portal is a good thing. A lot of players have been able to find better situations or more playing time because of the transfer portal. I love the fact that players can leave now and be immediately eligible to play elsewhere. It’s only fair considering the way coaches leave for new jobs at a moment’s notice.

However, the transfer portal isn’t always the answer. Sometimes the reason a player isn’t having success is because they aren’t putting in the work. And if that’s the case, a new destination likely isn’t going to change much.

Sometimes, it takes deep self-reflection to realize that someone else isn’t responsible for your problems.

Keyton figured that out on his own. And then he went out and had a huge game and helped the Vols get a win over the Gators.

I’d say there are plenty of other players out there who would probably benefit from hearing Keyton’s message.

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