Tennessee Vols head coach Josh Heupel did something this week that likely went unnoticed, but I guarantee his players saw it as a big deal.

Earlier this week, Heupel had Senior Bowl director Jim Nagy speak to the team.

Nagy is one of the many folks who can help a player go from college to the pros. He has plenty of connections and advice that can help college football players achieve their dreams of playing in the NFL.

Here’s a clip of Nagy talking to the team, explaining that it’s “all about the tape”.

This is a point in fall camp where the coaches typically want players entirely focused on the upcoming season.

Heupel, however, understands the value of letting his players know that he’s not just there to coach them to win games in college, but he’s also there to help players achieve their professional goals.

There’s no harm in having Nagy come talk to players about their future in the NFL.

Heupel knows his players have their focus in the right place. And anyway, the message from Nagy is to be aware of what you’re putting on tape — even in practice. If players are working hard, the tape will reflect that, and everyone — the player and the team — will be in a better place because of it.

Tennessee has a head coach that’s focused on all the right things — his players’ development, their futures, and winning games in the SEC.

Featured image via Calvin Mattheis/News Sentinel / USA TODAY NETWORK