The Tennessee Titans (1-2) are finding unique ways to stay loose in the locker room after a disappointing start to the season.

Injuries to key starters, an offensive coordinator on the hot seat, and two crushing losses have contributed to plenty of outside noise highlighting the team’s early struggles. However, inside the Titans’ locker room players are channeling their inner-child.

A to Z Sports’ Sam Phalen joined the Titan Up Podcast this week to shed light on what’s going on behind closed doors.

That’s right, before and after practice Titans players continue the competition inside the locker room with a playground favorite.

“Four square is a thing. It’s big going through the Titans’ locker room, right now. That’s the craze,” Phalen explained on the Titan Up Podcast.

Titans left tackle Taylor Lewan is believed to have pioneered this new locker room tradition.

As for which player is the king of the court, Phalen says DT Naquan Jones and linemen on both sides of the ball typically dominate the coveted fourth square.

It’s a creative way for players to get away from football, if only for a few minutes. Finding an escape from a grueling 17-game season can take players’ minds away from the exhausting the mental grind.

Sam Phalen’s full interview with the Titan Up Podcast can be found on Apple Podcasts and Spotify under the A to Z Sports Podcast Network.

Featured image via George Walker IV / / USA TODAY NETWORK