Jeffery Simmons is fun to watch each and every Sunday he takes the football field. He continues to grow as a player and has fully established himself as one of the most dominant forces on any defensive line in football.

This Sunday against the Colts will be a particularly fun game to watch, and those tuning in may want to keep an eye out for Simmons.

Simmons will be matched up with Colts left guard Quenton Nelson, a three-time All-Pro who has made the Pro Bowl in every season of his career and established a reputation as one of the best in the game.

Simmons referred to it as a “heavyweight matchup” when speaking to the media on Wednesday, as two of the best players in football get set to go head-to-head.

“You could call it a heavy weight matchup, I guess,” Simmons told the media. “Everyone around the league likes him, they hype him up to be that guy, and I feel confident in myself no matter who I’m facing.”

Despite all the hype that Nelson gets, Simmons believes reputations get thrown out the window for a game, and what really matters is the final score.

“Everyone hypes him that he’s the best guard in the league, and much respect to him, but he’s still gotta line up and play football when it comes down to it. That’s what I’m gonna do Sunday,” said Simmons. “I’m not looking forward to these one-on-one battles. It’s Tennessee Titans defense vs. their offense.”

Matchup History

Simmons and Nelson have met five different times over their years in the NFL, and have had a fairly balanced back-and-forth history.

Simmons’ numbers have not popped in the box score against the Colts. In those five career games, he has just one sack, two QB hits, 14 tackles, three pass deflections, and one TFL.

While those may not be the most exciting numbers, Simmons has certainly found ways to wreak havoc against the Colts and bring pressure. It doesn’t always show up in the box score, but Simmons has some fantastic tape when going against Nelson.

Jeffery Simmons has really come into his own as a defender, and his Pro-Bowl nod in 2021 was just confirmation of what Titans fans and coaches already know. Simmons is a force that is only going to get better.

Part of taking the next step towards the upper echelon NFL defenders is being a game wrecker against the best opposition possible. There’s no better coming out party than going against Nelson and the Colts.

Every Titans fan or football fan watching this game should keep their eyes on 98. Whichever way this matchup goes, it’s going to be very telling and a must-watch television.

Image via Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports